Quest about the market screen

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Quest about the market screen

Post by goto_KCM »

Hey there,

just as a question about the market screen.

Why is there a +/- for both sell and buy?
I tried but i couldn't buy and sell at the same time.
Wouldn't it be easier if there is just a left and a right arrow button?

If i press the button i buy/sell one piece of cargo and if i press the button more then say a second buy/sell as much as possible?
So the arrow keys on keyboard would work as i would predict it to work.
Left arrow for buy and right arrow for sell. Just as moving cargo to my ship (from right to the left side) or from my ship to the city (from left to right right side). With the Shift Key buy and sell as much as possible.

That would make the TAB obsolete to switch between the sides.

What do you think about it?

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Re: Quest about the market screen

Post by Predseda »

I quite agree with this. But I use Plus and Minus keys on numpad more.
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