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Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2022 5:13 pm
by Aged Code
Unpacking the game (Lha archive) with anything else than the latest Lha 2.15 may end up with the game files corrupted (especially when using xadmaster.library).

Please, use the latest version of Lha from Aminet: lha_68k

Alternatively, LZX archive is also available. Both packs have the same content, there is no difference, and both can be downloaded from our FTP and Shop (DE or EN).

This topic is dedicated to the game changelog.
The text preceded by the Latin words Vox Populi are the features the players asked for.

Re: Changelog

Posted: Wed Nov 09, 2022 9:21 pm
by Aged Code
0.98.23 (18.05.2024)
Go to the post for details

Re: Changelog

Posted: Fri Nov 11, 2022 6:47 pm
by Aged Code
0.93.51 (08.02.2023)
- fix:Marissa's portrait was a male constable (but she works in the market)
- add:A new custom portrait for Irma, the bartender from Istanbul
- add:Missing dialogues for the question of the NPC's profession
- fix:Adjusted palette in the city locations

0.93.50 (07.02.2023)
- add:German translation in hard-coded text and main menu graphics (lots of work)
- add:Improved "roll dice" for police control at sea
- add:Improved graphics of the Belone class mini submarine

0.93.49 (04.02.2023)
- fix:Vox Populi — An asterisk is added in front of an NPC's name if he or she has an untaken task but at least one level of PERCEPTION is required
- add:New option: SHOW DICE ROLLS. Disabled by default. When enabled, it will show additional information about the "dice roll" result. At the moment it works during police control at sea but it will be added gradually to all situations (when possible):
718_cr.png (7.08 KiB) Viewed 6956 times
719_combined.png (33.61 KiB) Viewed 6956 times
- fix:Copper background would be removed with a noticeable delay behind a requester at sea
- add:Improved police patrol at sea
- add:NAVIGATION attribute can help avoid police control (the highest the level the higher probability of avoiding it)

0.93.46-0.93.48 (02.02.2023)
- fix:The market would detract tonnage twice from the second of two contracts if there was Import and Export to the same city and both contracts were fulfilled at once
- fix:In story mode, clicking on the map after escaping from Paris would not move the vessel
- add:Vox Populi — An asterisk is added in front of an NPC's name if he or she has an untaken task
712_cr.png (13.44 KiB) Viewed 6956 times
- add:During police control at sea, the attributes LUCK and SMUGGLING are used with a corresponding message

0.93.33-0.93.45 (27.01.2023)
- add:Code optimization
- add:Two new NPCs
- add:Vox Populi — City name change animation upon arrival is now available as an option
- fix:Correction in the German notification of the fulfilled contract
- add:Vox Populi — Chat at the police station is also activated with the space bar
- add:Some formulas did not take into account the MECHANIC attribute
- add:Four new fantastic motor images
- fix:Missing jumps in some procedures for pressure and damage checks
- add:SOS Repair code has been updated
- fix:Story mode in German text — Hamburg coordinates script
- fix:More German text fixes both in dialogues and hard-coded
- fix:In the story mode Captain Albert appeared as a harbormaster
- add:Two new dialogues during asking permission to leave the city. One informs about the critical hull condition and another about less than 25% fuel in the tank
- fix:Contracts city window: Adjusted column size with XP so that long numbers do not overlap the contract value
- add:Two new options: SET 25 MTS DEPTH and Vox PopuliREAL-TIME CLOCK:
704_cr.png (14.47 KiB) Viewed 6956 times
SET 25 MTS DEPTH So far it was enabled by default in the game. This means that after leaving a city, our submarine is immediately placed at a depth of 25 meters (this part will be updated in the future). If this option is turned off, the vessel will start at the depth of the city.
REAL-TIME CLOCK Disabled by default. When enabled, it will show the present time as a tooltip in the city (hovering the mouse over the game clock) or display on the "LCD" on the navigation panel at sea (assuming the Amiga has an RTC and is synchronized of course).
702_cr.png (7.61 KiB) Viewed 6956 times
703_cr.png (11.38 KiB) Viewed 6956 times

0.93.32 (04.01.2023)
- fix:There were two Pharmacist icons instead of one in the cargo hold window (the second one was in place of Destillerybutor)
- add:German translation
- fix:Task delivery: The destination city was wrongly identified in the dialogue when the NPC recipient moved to another city
- add:Vox Populi — Both Enter keys work as confirmation in the window when selecting a gift for an NPC
- fix:Opening the City Contracts window is blocked in cities without markets

0.93.31 (02.01.2023)
- add:Vox PopuliF10 or Esc key closes the options screen and immediately returns to the game
- add:Total time spent in the game and current session time. Look in the player information screen (press the P key or the button located near your name)
- add:Additional German translation

0.93.30 (02.01.2023)
- fix:Missing dialogue connection for the police checking
- add:Information about what specific contract is the subject of the problem during police checking
- fix:Licenses wrongly pointed in the player cargo window
- add:Improved delivery quest checking

Re: Changelog

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2022 10:38 am
by Aged Code
0.93.28 — 0.93.29 (31.12.2022)
- add:Vox Populi — Contract confirmation also with the Numpad Enter
- add:Vox PopuliEsc key cancels and closes the contract window (and all Yes/No requesters as they share the same mechanism)
- add:Further code optimization
- add:Improved cargo hold checking
- fix:Improved NPC shift rotation (significantly helps with pop-up dialogues)
- fix:Shipyard: Returning to the Shipyard from another location would sometimes result in wrongly displayed graphics
- add:Shipyard: The motor level requirement wasn't shown in the system font

0.93.24 — 0.93.27 (27-12-2022)
- add:New option: CAMERA LOCK. When turned on, the "camera" will track the submarine's movement on the map (as it has been until now). When turned off, the camera will remain in its current position and the map will have to be moved manually (press and hold the right mouse button and move in the desired direction)
- add:Vox Populi — New option: MOVE M-POINTER. The enabled option moves the mouse cursor away from the text area in the chat window
- fix:When chat notification was enabled, an incoming message would cause the game to close if the player was in the main menu
- fix:When fulfilling a contract, the sale of more tonnage than the contract provided for was not taken into account (the issue appeared when mining contracts were introduced)
- add:NPCs [internal] data expanded
- add:Remaining time to fulfill a mining contract after all required tons have been extracted
- fix:Player contract list possible display issue
- fix:Two police officers had the same shift in Alexandria causing an error when the player wanted to talk to a constable at the police station
- add:Vox Populi — duration of work shift has changed from 8:00-18:00 | 18:00-8:00 to 6:00-20:00 | 20:00-6:00 (visible in cities where there is only one worker to attend his job)
- fix:Code fix to prevent buying tons exceeding free cargo hold space when an NPC offered market goods
- fix:NPC chat: Removed extra hyphen from player questions when system font was enabled
- fix:Corrected kerning spacing for letter N in system font size 9
- fix:Shipyard text display list when the system font was chosen instead of bitmap
- fix:Cargo hold bar too wide in some cases

Experimental (it means some of the elements may change in the next version):
- add:Free Chip and Free buffer memory under the key / (- German layout) while at sea
- fix:Less memory buffer usage and as a result less Fast RAM requirement
- add:Temporarily (again) Destroy Graphics is not called when changing locations in the city part to see if it can help with some strange issues for players traveling very long distances. This will result in less Chip memory available and will affect music and/or SFX.

Re: Changelog

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2022 10:42 am
by Aged Code
0.93.23 (30-11-2022)
- add:Vox Populi — Detailed information for player contracts is now also available in the City Contracts window "Player Tab"
- fix: "0 HOUR" removed from the contract description and now shows only when there's 1 hour or more

0.93.21 — 0.93.22 (29-11-2022)
- add: Custom upgrade: Hull (ask a friendly shipyard worker)
- add: Completely new method of randomizing the probability of a custom upgrade relating to the motor and hull. It's much more advanced
- add: German translation
- fix: Generic dialogue

0.93.20 (27-11-2022)
- add: Player Contracts Window: Additional information on how many tons have been bought in the origin city for better orientation, so that the player knows whether he has actually bought the goods according to the terms of the contract.

0.93.18 — 0.93.19 (25-11-2022)
- fix: Story mode: After the assassination of Sgt. Marcel the dialogue couldn't be found due to the recent change in how NPCs are being identified in dialogue
- fix: During an attempt to dock in Dakar, when the harbormaster was not on duty, the dialogue got stuck

0.93.17 (24-11-2022)
- add:Vox Populi — Added licenses information to the Player Cargo Hold panel and other data has been repositioned

0.93.14 — 0.93.16 (23-11-2022)
- add: Expanded Player Cargo Hold panel (work in progress)
- fix: Story mode: Portraits not showing up in Paris in the first conversation
- fix: Story mode: With very low levels of funds, manual refueling didn't work

0.93.09 — 0.93.13 (22-11-2022)
- add:Vox Populi — Market: Shift + arrow keys left and right will fill the tonnage to the maximum possible in each category
- add:Vox Populi — Submarines can now be repaired in the shipyard. Go to the Vessels section and click "REPAIR"
- add: Police will check if the player carries medicines. If so they'll ask for a Pharmacist license
- add: Licence not renewed for 30 days is revoked
- add: Range of mining contracts depends on the player level. Navigation level increases that range further
- add:Vox Populi — Optionally lower tonnage required for mining contracts
- add: Another part of German dialogues and hard-coded translation
- fix:Vox Populi — Fuel tank animation significantly shortened (only the part with transferring fuel to the player's vessel)
- fix: Some rare cases of negative cargo hold tonnage
- fix: At sea, the button that switches to extraction mode now also switches from it back to map view
- fix: Delivery quest
- fix: Further code optimization
- fix: Other internal fixes

Re: Changelog

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2022 11:31 am
by Aged Code
0.93.08 (16-11-2022)
- fix: Closed locations should now be accessible (workers decided to get back to their posts ;))
- add: Information about the approximate distance to resources in the contract under review
- add: Expanded City Contracts window for the above information
- add: More German dialogues translation
- fix: "Always November"
- fix: Other fixes

0.93.07 (15-11-2022)
- fix: In cases if the game save had a seabed "snapshot" some mining contracts didn't work properly

0.93.06 (15-11-2022)
- fix: Bulletin board formatting text

0.93.03-0.93.05 (15-11-2022)
- fix: Mining contracts completely reworked. There are more locations on the globe and their distance is calculated according to their geographical location. There is now more time to complete the contract. Be aware, however, that on slower submarines (or non-upgraded motors) you will probably have to ask for a contract extension at the police station. In any case, it is well worth it.
- fix: Global code optimization and stability improvement - part 2 (significant reduction in size but new files are now attached to the game to compensate for it)
- add: The loading screen now informs what data is being loaded
- add: From now on the Bulletin board will be used for news about game updates. Don't forget to check it!
- add: After a police check at sea, time is added, as it is in the city
- add: The address of the game server is stored in an external file
- add: Both servers Install-Update and Game have been updated

Re: Changelog

Posted: Mon Jan 02, 2023 3:40 pm
by Aged Code
0.92.99-0.93.02 (12-11-2022)
- fix: Crawfish collision points
- fix: Critical contract bug
- fix: Global code optimization - part 1 (mainly the internal structure but in some situations it will impact positively performance on slower hardware)
- fix: Remote save server sprite position Y
- fix: Loading the game from the upper menu in-game is possible again

0.92.98 (12-11-2022)
- add: Missing contract city of origin information in player window description

0.92.95-0.92.97 (11-11-2022)
- add:Vox Populi — Market: Clicking on the green right arrow sets the tonnage counter to the maximum number of goods in the player's cargo hold
- add:Vox Populi — Market: Clicking on the red arrow to the left sets the tonnage counter to the maximum number of goods that can be accommodated in the player's cargo hold (or as much as his funds will allow)
- add:Vox Populi — Market: Removed Wholesaler's license requirement to buy more than 40 tons of one type of goods. The same applies to contracts. But now beware of the police patrol, who will be merciless to lawbreakers! :mrgreen: The Wholesaler's license rule is still in effect for owning more than 40 tons of one type of goods onboard
- fix: Improved formula calculating days required for mining contracts
- fix: Crawfish' gripper and drill deployment points corrected
- fix: Police color on the sonar change from red to blue
- add: Even more German dialogues translated (@marmacc is being very busy lately :D)

Re: Changelog

Posted: Thu Feb 09, 2023 12:47 pm
by Aged Code
0.92.94 (10-11-2022)
- fix: City list scroll up on docks' list
- fix: City consumptions balance tweak
- add: Once the contract is completed, the list of city contracts is updated
- fix: Formatting string of time left to fulfill a contract
- fix: English and German text in the 24 Hours left and Contract expired information requester
- fix: One of the biggest procedures has been split
- fix: Old Sprite animation disabled on the contract window at the police station
- add: Handling of all navigation panel buttons in the side view mode/extractor mode (mining)
- add: More German dialogues translated (thanks @marmacc!)

From the latest official release 0.92.86 to 0.92.93 (09-11-2022)

- add:Vox Populi — Harvesting seabed resources as city contracts now!
- add:Vox Populi — Rebuilt city contract window. It's now wider and contains more information about each contract on the list
- add:Vox Populi — Rebuilt player contract window. It's now wider and contains more information about each contract on the list
- add:Vox Populi — The article list can now be scrolled backward in the market!
- add: You can ask a shipyard worker to improve your submarine's motor. But beware, he may also do the opposite and break it!
- add: You can ask a shipyard worker to expand your submarine's device slot. He may succeed or ... he may fail! ;)
- fix: Story mode in Paris (this bug was introduced recently so refers only to the new game started in version 0.92.86)
- fix: Network Disconnection/Connection from the in-game menu has been restored
- add: Holding one of the Ctrl keys during the game startup will enable the network connection (a green screen will flash)
- add: Holding one of the Shift keys during the game startup will disable the network connection (a red screen will flash)
- add: Time spent in the game (soon will be available to see in the player statistics screen)
- add: Benchmark will move the needle on the scale representing the score calculated
- add: Drastically improved loading time for slow Amigas by loading a prerendered seabed (applies only to this part)
- fix: Despite the absence of a drilling device, the button appeared when pressed in its place
- add: Improved seabed generation
- add: Improved resource on the seabed generation
- add: When rendering the seabed with resources, the mouse cursor turns into an "hourglass" (working gears)
- fix: SOS at 0 meters depth
- add:Vox Populi — SOS can now be called also close to a city
- add: Locations without an active NPC worker are now closed until he or she is back for their duty. This is mostly true in smaller cities, but don't be surprised if no one answers your calls asking for permission to dock, or if the market is still closed when you arrive in the middle of the night. ;)
- add: To the above. If you are in a location that is about to be closed then you will be "asked" out ;)
- fix: Police no longer check player contracts when opening city contracts window
- add: Police patrol takes place only when a constable is "physically" patrolling the city (city view only), i.e., is present in that location
- add: More dialogues required by new situations
- fix: NPCs' names wouldn't sometimes appear in the dialogues in the story mode
- fix: Offered items as a gift would not disappear from the player's inventory. Not anymore ;)
- fix: NPC's attitude after receiving a gift
- fix: Information about not visited city is no longer available in the docks' window
- add: German hard-coded corrections

Re: Changelog

Posted: Fri Feb 10, 2023 3:46 pm
by Aged Code
0.93.55 (10.02.2023)
- fix:Price for expanding all cargo slots and one slot was the same.
- add:Expanded dialogue with a shipyard worker when asking for a custom upgrade.
- fix:Improved internal dialogue scripting.
- fix:NPCs with an asterisk would sometimes say they have "No offer".

0.93.54 (10.02.2023)
- fix:The data of a few submarines has been updated.
- add:Widened cargo space for the digit fields in the market window, in the player's cargo tab (bottom menu), and in the shipyard.
- add:Expanded information about possible speeds of the viewing submarine in the shipyard:
727_cr.png (31.11 KiB) Viewed 6936 times
In this example, we see the Seahorse class submarine is equipped with a Buffalo 1800 Horse Power Class 3 motor which in turn translates into a speed of 14.4 knots. The maximum possible class to be installed on this vessel is 4, namely Hercules I (2050 HP). The latter renders a speed of 16.4 knots. All values are given without the MECHANICS attribute and possible motor tweaking made by a shipyard mechanic (both improve the speed). Also, keep in mind that the same motor renders different speeds installed on a different class submarine due to their different sizes and volumes, and masses.
- add:Cargo bar color changed from green to blue.
728_cr.png (4.34 KiB) Viewed 6934 times

0.93.53 (10.02.2023)
- add:Game version on the upper bar.
- add:Key Z opens and closes the lower menu (there are still other keys to be assigned for different tabs there).
- add:Widening fuel tooltip to handle 6-digit fuel tanks.
- add:Dock: Added a 6th digit in the fuel tank mechanism.
- add:Improved the Cuttlefish submarine class graphics (both big and small units).

0.93.52 (09.02.2023)
- add:New dialogue line at the police station gives the player the option to neutralize penalty points in exchange for reputation points.
- fix:Player info screen would not be opened by mouse click while at the police station.

Re: Changelog

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2023 1:37 pm
by Aged Code
0.93.56 (11.02.2023)
- fix:Removed unused Amos plugins.
- add:Expanded handling of the player cargo window (part 1).
- add:Internal code improvements.
- fix:Motor custom upgrade balance.
- add:Vox Populi — Promised shortcuts for the lower panel tabs (opened with Z): 1- Cargo, 2- Contracts, 3- Tasks, 4- Inventory, 5- Network*, 6 (reserved, not used), 7- Log.
*In the network tab shortcuts are disabled due to the chat feature. The mouse must be used to switch to other tabs.