How can I get a Warp?

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How can I get a Warp?

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ATTENTION! A note from CS-Lab:
Please contact us before shipping the processor to us. Shipping costs can significantly increase the cost of the card. Given the high value of the processor, the duty we have to pay is around 115 Euro. The costs incurred by us will be added to the WARP card. This applies to countries outside the EU.

If you're interested in a Warp 560 or 1260 then the only way is to send your CPU to the CS-Lab company. Every Warp owner has done this, so you would be no exception. You can accept it or not, it's up to you. But please, don't argue or present your point of view, because it won't change anything. We count on your understanding.

Warp 4060 will most likely be equipped with a socket, so in this case, there is no need to ship the CPU.
Can I order it now?
No, you can't. When this model is available everyone will be notified. We'll also learn how to acquire one for ourselves.
OK, I accept the terms. I want to send my CPU.
Wonderful. Just keep in mind that you'll have to wait for your turn.
It simply means that you'll get in line and when your card is ready (you won't have to pay in advance) then you'll be notified. How long will it take? This strongly depends on the availability of FPGAs and the free time of Cizar and Sellen, who assemble these cards in their spare time (yes, it's their hobby, not a business).
Can I get a socketed Warp 1260?
No, you can't. Nobody has it, even at CS-Lab. Due to the CS-Lab-Designed Super-Cool and Effective Heatsinkᵀᴹ, there's no space for a socket (If you insist you could fit it there, we strongly recommend you design your own card ;))
Sweet, I'm in!
That's great! Make sure your CPU is well protected, inside the package your contact data as well as the nickname on Discord or forum here, and the package is tracked.

The address is as follows:

CS-Lab s.c.
Wojska Polskiego 65A
85-825 Bydgoszcz