Cities, Shipyards & Ships

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Cities, Shipyards & Ships

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List of shipyards and available vessels known to me:

City Depth Vessels
Paris 78 m Prawn, Crab

Paris (78m)
Sonar I
Prawn 120m, 14knots, 25T,
Crab 310m, 16,1knots, 65T,

Hamburg (92m)
Harpoon Launcher
Seahorse 530m, 16,3knots, 90T,

Old Danzing (110m)
Gripper I
Drill I
Medusa 310m, 15,3knots, 40T ,

Alexandria (141m)
Crawfish 1070m, 15,2knots, 150T,

London (170m)
Bathypel III 2000m, lev. By13
Herkules I, 2050HP, 13,8 knots,
Herkules II 2500HP, 16,7 knots
Sonar II
Starfish 650m, 16,5knots, 120T,

Stockholm (303m) x
Istanbul (995m) x
Roma (1318m) x
Madrit (3255m) ??

Cape Town (130m) x
Dakar (255m) x

Magallanas (127m) x
Georgetown (322m) x

Old York (547m)
Sonar III
Harpoon Launcher II
Barracuda, 3000m, 12,9knots, 275t

Panama (652m) x

New Orlean (1165m)
Jammer III
Bathypel I 1123m
Imperius 4150 HP,
Cuttlefish 3000m, 15,30 knots, 225t

Lima (1511m) ??
Caracas (1779m) ??
Havana (1794m) ??
Mexico City (2020m) ??
Wellington (2180m) ??
Montevideo (2333m) ??
San Francis (3085m) ??
Puerto Rico (7242m) ??

Singapore (202m) x
Jakarta (5180m) ??

Sydney (3987m) ??
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Re: Shipyards & Ships

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I know many, but shall I spoil the game? 8-)
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Re: Shipyards & Ships

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Sooner or later someone will do it. You can be the first 😉
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Re: Shipyards & Ships

Post by Amirafik »

If someone doesn't want to, they can ignore this thread. I would like to know the list of cities. :)
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