Collective thread about useful infos, tips and know how

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Collective thread about useful infos, tips and know how

Post by Foxman »

This will be a collection thread about useful info and stuff related to the game.

- [Slave Slot 1 is for AutoSave function]. You can save there manually but the autosave (if you enabled it in the options) will overwrite it again. btw. using autosave is recommend because it works very fine and saves you for lost your game.

- [SOS Service] dont forget enough money when you explore the high sea. The refuel service on high sea is not for free. be continued
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Re: Collective thread about useful infos, tips and know how

Post by marmacc »

A few new starters (as well as old players ;)) have asked for advice and tips on how to start a successful game.

In my experience, two factors are important. Firstly, effectiveness. You can compare your performance best in the Hall of Fame. Fewer miles per vern and more experience points than other players tell you how effectively you play. Secondly, you need to fully understand the mechanics and possibilities the game has to offer you. Start the game in Story Mode, this will help you make a smooth transition into a successful trader.

In detail:

- first, invest all you have in cargo space and earn first money with that.
- buy a new vessel as soon as possible. But have enough money set aside for new cargo modules and to buy goods so that you can start right away with a full load.
- never ever travel with an empty hold. Fill the remaining space with other goods that will sell best in other cities.
- never exceed the contract performance deadline, the penalty cost is high.
- avoid problems with the police; buy a wholesaler license to carry 40+ tons without penalties.
- buy a new motor ASAP and tune it, this will help you fulfill your contracts on time.
- improve the strength of your hull, this will allow you to visit cities that are located deeper.
- explore the world ASAP to discover all the cities that your present vessel can reach. This will greatly expand your routes. You'll be able to transport goods not only between Hamburg and Paris but also from Stockholm/Old Danzig to Alexandria, etc. Take different contracts between different cities.
- take also long distances and use the refueling service at sea. Fulfilled contracts are always worth such an expense.
- have very good contract management. Take as many contracts as possible. Always have a wholesaler license. Apart from 40+ tons, it will also let you take one additional contract.
- use all save slots (including the remote server if you play online), that's the best protection against bad decisions or if you miss something.
- mining is a very good supplement to earning good money and also serves as a change from the monotonous sailing between cities.
- work on your good reputation by fulfilling contracts and/or tasks taken from NPCs.
- talking again and again to NPCs is very important. They may offer you a delivery task without time pressure.
- optional: I have (at the start) a handwritten list of all cities I discovered and the goods they produce. This allowed me to calculate the best possible route and time frame.

To be continued...

I hope this will help you make a successful start in the world of Aquabyss. CU at the top of the Hall of Fame :D
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Re: Collective thread about useful infos, tips and know how

Post by Aged Code »

Excellent tips, Marc! Thank you for sharing them with us :thumbsup
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Re: Collective thread about useful infos, tips and know how

Post by Reth »

Thank you for these tips. Playing for a few hours now and reached level 2 with +83 reputation (?). But still nobody is telling me his/her name despite spending everything that is possible for every guest in every bar. Sometimes I even waited hours for new guests to appear.
Also there is no possibility yet for a new ship nor a better engine or hull (more than 70.000 verns available).

What is the average level, money, reputation or level necessary to get a better ship or at least a better engine?
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