Setup microSD card

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Setup microSD card

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Want to share my experience in setting up the micro SD for the Warp1260. Have no WinUAE or other horrible stuff :mrgreen: So setup must be done in my case on the warp in the Amiga. Maybe there are other ways to do that. Here is my way and it was successful.

As my Warp arrived i started with the WarpCF card to setup the general system. Now i want the full speed of the microSD and my PCMCIA slot back. Speed is doubled to the CF in my system now.

First buy the correct SD-card. Cizar posted a picture of microSD cards that are working well.

CS-Lab_approved_microSD_cards.png (1.53 MiB) Viewed 5489 times

With the "old" CF card in the Warp slot i booted and switched to A1200 Mode with the warptool.

warptool idemode=a1200

The warp cannot boot now from the CF card Slot. Former it was on Warp mode. I did the switch because i need the PCMCIA slot later and the PCMCIA works only when microSD card is used as system. PCMCIA did not work with the Warp CF at the moment.

I put now the Warp CF card to the internal A1200 IDE and booted from them. The new fresh microSD is in the slot on the Warp.

Go to HDToolbox and switch in the tooltypes from scsi.device to warpSD.device. Be careful that you write it correct and case sensitive (warpsd.device did not work).

correct_naming_HDTB.jpg (143.14 KiB) Viewed 5489 times

Then your microSD is found it can be setup the normal way with HDToolbox. If everything went fine it shows like this.

ready_to_setup.jpg (188.61 KiB) Viewed 5489 times

If the setup with HDToolbox is finally done copy the CF content to the microSD. Switch the Amiga off and take the CF on the internal IDE out. Boot with the new microSD and enjoy speed!
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